Good day! Time has come and you want to buy your first sextoy... First of all, you must know the difference between a vibrator and a dildo.

Lets start with the vibrator:
Vibrators are battery-operated or electrically powered devices which buzz or vibrate. Most of the time these toys are used for clitoral stimulation. There are different types of vibrators. We can find "Eggs" or "Bullet" style, "Wand", "Rabbit" and different more exotic style vibrators. These toys can include a remote controller, to play alone or with your partner, to change the speed and the frequency of the vibration. While choosing your toy, you have to consider the intensity of the sensation and the noise level. And if you're looking for G-spot stimulation, try a phallic-shaped toy with a specially curved top. For the best of both worlds, check out the ever-popular Rabbit, a two-in-one toy: The swirling shaft offers the pleasure of penetration, while the buzzing "rabbit ears" stimulate your clitoris.

What about the dildo?
If you want the feeling of penetration, you'll want to try a dildo, which resembles a penis, usually doesn't vibrate, and can be used vaginally or anally. (If you want to try back-door play, make sure it has a base specifically designed so it doesn't slide up too far.) When choosing a dildo, you'll want to factor length and width into your decision.

General concerns:
Read the instructions before using. Avoid materials that may give you an allergic reaction (e.g., latex), and wash your toy with antibacterial soap and hot water before and after use and let it dry completely. If your carnal contraption is made of a porous substance (like jelly rubber or cyberskin, which are harder to clean than nonporous products like silicone), or you want to use your toy vaginally after using it for anal action, cover it with a condom each time it's used to make sure it's clean.

Let's go deeper on that topic to review the different material available on the market with their characterictics, their pro and cons :


  • Typically translucent, colorful and cheap.
  • This material is super porous so there’s no way to keep it sterile. Be sure to wash it with mild soap and water.
  • Always use a condom with these toys because who knows what the heck they’re really made of! Plus, since they can’t be sanitized completely, bacteria can live on then, so, you want to give yourself a latex line of defense!
  • Silicon-based lube can cause the toy to melt, so use only water-based lubes.

  • Feels amazingly like real skin, but the name may vary. Futurotic, Ultra-Realistic, Soft Skin are others you may come across, but it’s all the same kind of material.
  • In addition to being extra porous, this material tears easily and often gets discolored or dirty looking.
  • To keep this kind of toy in tip-top shape, powder it with cornstarch. Don’t use talcum powder because it has been fingered as a potential cause of ovarian cancer.
  • Only use soap and water to clean a cyberskin toy.
  • Made from thermal plastic, these toys can warm up with skin contact.
  • As for lube, you should only use water-based types.
  • Always use a condom with cyberskin since you can’t sanitize this kind of material.

  • Elastomer is phthalate free and hypoallergenic, yet soft.
  • However, it is porous, so make sure you use condoms with this material.
  • Rinse it off with soap and water.

  • Extremely porous, so again, be sure to use a condom with these toys — especially if you’re thinking about sharing.
  • Clean your latex toys with mild soap and water.
  • Unfortunately, some people are allergic to this material and it can cause reactions like anaphylactic shock.
Hard Plastic:

  • Since plastic isn’t porous it can be completely sanitized. To keep this toy clean, wipe it down with alcohol.
  • Usually a good material for clit vibes, it can be a little tough for in and out action.
  Pyrex / Glass:

  • Pyrex is the name for any hypoallergenic, heat and chemical resistant glass. It will not break! It might crack, but it will never ever hurt you. You can ride this bull as rough as you want!
  • Pyrex is non-porous so you can completely disinfect this toy by boiling it (see below), washing it with soap and water, or by rubbing it down with alcohol.
  • Warning: be on the look out for painted glass toys. If the color is trapped in layers of glass, that’s totally fine. However, if there’s a coat of color on the outside, what you have is a toy covered in toxic paint.
  • It takes a master glass craftsman to make this kind of sexy stick, so they’re expensive.
  • An awesome feature of Pyrex toys is the ability to play with temperature — heat things up or cool them down. Now, do NOT freeze this toy because it might stick to your skin like a kid licking a pole in winter. If you want to chill it out, put it in a bowl of ice water for a half an hour. To get it even hotter than it already is, don’t drop it into a boiling pot of water because it will crack. You have to gradually raise the temperature. First, immerse it in warm tap water. After five minutes replace two-thirds of the water in the bowl with boiling water and then let it sit for 20 minutes. ALWAYS do a touch test to make sure the toys temperature is safe for your sensitive parts.
  Metal / Aluminum:

  • Same sensation and usage as Pyrex/glass toys.
  • Due to its conception can include vibrator.
  • More responsive to temperature change.
  • Super easy to clean and totally non allergic.
  • Unbreakable!
  • We have a dedicated aluminum collection on

  • Silicone is non-porous and durable. So you can sanitize it by easily tossing it in the dishwasher or boiling it.
  • Check the label, some silicone toys aren’t 100% silicone. So again, use your nose and sniff things out with a smell test and also, read the packaging to make sure it’s food or medical grade.
  • Silicone carries vibrations oh-oh-so well.
  • A lot of silicone toys are hand-crafted.
  • This type of rocket for your pocket was invented in the ’80s — just like the space shuttle.
  • Silicone warms up to the body. Bonus!

If you are going to use your toy on multiple partners, it’s a good idea to wrap it in a condom for each person. This way, you won’t have to worry about sterilization in the heat of the moment and some toys aren’t able to be disinfected because they’re porous. Even if you are just using the toy yourself, bacteria lives in those holes. So, make sure you still use a condom. Safety first!

Always clean your toys between uses.

Since vibrators run on batteries, there is NO risk of electric shock. However, you should only take special toys, made explicitly to be waterproof, swimming with you.

Check the kinds of lube you can use with your vibrator. In some reported cases, lubes have melted toys. Make sure your lube and toy are compatible.


Depends on how stodgy you are. There’s no shame in ownership, women have been using them since the Stone Ages. You might keep it safe and discreet by storing it in a satin bag in a drawer (most of our luxury products comes with a gift box and a velvet pouch and satin lining). A lot of people choose to order sextoys or accessories on and we ship in discreet packaging! Now as far a whipping a fake phallus out, well, I’d talk to a partner about it before you go bringing out the big weapon. In general, you should always ask a partner what they’re into. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of sex and opens up communication in the relationship.

You want to finish yourself off? He can’t get it up? You want to screw him up the butt? There are a lot of awesome reasons to use dildos and vibrators! While it may seem like you might insult the guy who can’t get a hard on by simply replacing him with your toy, it’s just not the case. In most of the cases men really enjoy watching women masturbate, especially when you put on a show! So, if you’re in good company, don’t be shy!