Do not ignore our selection of complementary accessories for your sex toys. Lubes compatible with the use of condoms, cleaners to use before and after the use of sex toy or batteries are available to ensure smooth functioning and maintenance of your adult toys.

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  • Bondage
  • Lubricants

    Usable on condoms or on sex toys, lubricants are quickly becoming essential to ensure the proper use of your toy and favor a comfortable and pleasant use of it. Water-based made, our range of lubricants is completely hypoallergenic and safe for health.

  • Cleaners

    The conservation of a good hygiene related to the use of sex toys is important. It is for this reason that we offer cleaners developed in order to disinfect your sex toy before and after use. Properly maintain your toy allows better conservation and durability of your adult toy.

  • Batteries

    To ensure you don't miss anything and because some of our sex toys require batteries, Cokyn also proposes these essential consumables to the functioning of your sex toy. LR6 (AA) or LR03 (AAA), made the right choice for your needs on our top brand batteries.

  • Condoms

    Pleasure but also health, on Cokyn we also care about protection against STDs. That is why we offer a wide range of major brand condoms in addition to offer you 100% protection against STDs, you will ensure conservation of fun for you and your partner. Warming, extra lubricated, ribbed, with a higher or lower fineness, you are sure to find your happiness in our selection of condoms.

  • Goodies

    Find practical and useful accessories to simplify your daily life, suitable for sextoys and other products of Cokyn site.

  • Enhancers

    Want to give more pleasure to your sexual partner and to yourself by earning precious centimeters. Gain more confidence, have a longer lasting erection or just spend sleepless horny nights... This is the destiny of our range of penis enhancers. Penis extenders or penis pumps, you are sure to find the shoe of your size on Cokyn.

  • Sanitary napkins

    Because in a woman's life there are also times when the body has to renew, Cokyn offers a selection of sanitary napkins especially designed to take care of women in these not always very pleasant moments.

    Our selection of sanitary napkins will protect you throughout your period. Discover the day, night, panty-liner and ultra-long model to suit your needs.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items